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Supreme Court Blocks Video of Prop 8 Trial;
FDL Needs Your Help

As part of our coverage, we've put together a dedicated Prop 8 Trial Hub.

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In a California courtroom, a trial is underway to decide the fate of Proposition 8. Former Bush v. Gore adversaries David Boies and Ted Olson have teamed up to defeat California's Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriages. Firedoglake's own Teddy Partridge and Marcy Wheeler have been liveblogging almost every word of the testimony from the courthouse.

But in a surprise move, the Supreme Court just blocked the court from broadcasting the trial on TV and on YouTube! We need to ramp up our coverage of the trial, but we need your help to do it.

San Francisco resident and FDL contributor Teddy Partridge has tirelessly liveblogged and covered the trial proceedings from the beginning along with Marcy Wheeler, who famously covered the Scooter Libby trial for us. FDL legal eagle bmaz is now on-site to help cover the closing arguments and final decision. They will all be working around the clock to bring you the most in-depth Prop 8 coverage possible-- but they need your support to make it happen.

Maintaining this level of coverage is difficult and we can't do it without you. Please help Firedoglake continue to cover the Prop 8 Trial by donating today.

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